Friday, 22 June 2012

it's a cover up!

I've got a whole crate full of dressmaking patterns and fabrics that I should be making for Joanna but today I decided to have a little play about with some scraps. This is what I made:

The back:

Can you see what's being covered up?

My Kindle:

I am so pleased with the way this turned out. Now, when I go to the doctor or hospital or dentist or phlebotomist - or anywhere else I have to wait - my Kindle won't just get thrown into my bag. Well, it will, but it'll be wearing its fancy schmancy cover. Wheeeee. :oD

Oh, and just for interest's sake, we didn't lose any sunlight from yesterday to today.

The sun rose one minute later but it's also setting one minute later tonight so that's the same time as yesterday. So, according to these figures, this is the longest equal day. Or something like that! :oD


  1. Very cool cover! I eventually caved in and bought a Nook cover on the B&N site. It's pretty plain, but it opens like a book and keeps the cover from being scratched or dusty. I may not be adventurous enough for a cloth one like yours. ;)

  2. I had to order my cover from someone in the U.K. on Ebay. Yours is cute too.

    Anyhoo, what really caught my eye was your daily sunup/sundown chart. I mean the sun is up by 4.25 and the sun is down at 23.00? Really? Is it daylight that darn long there?



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