Monday, 21 May 2012

some quilting and some gifts

On Saturday I got the quilting done on my cousin's wedding quilt. I changed my mind about the backing because I found a purple fleece blanket in the cupboard and decided to use that instead of the sheet and wadding/batting I'd looked out. See, my idea is that they'll use this quilt for picnics and building tents in the living room etc etc - it's never going to be a "look at but don't touch" type of quilt so, that's my reasoning for going with the fleece instead. The fact that it's quicker to make it this way is irrelevant - honest! :oD

So, here's the quilt going through the machine at the quilting stage:

I sewed around the centre square and then around the 3 x 3 square and then the 5 x 5 square, all the way out to the edges. You can see the quilting on the back of the fleece herer:

I've now finished the quilting and have machine-sewn the binding on around the quilt. Now it's the handsewing of the binding on to the back of the quilt. I started it this evening but I got so cosy sewing it on that I actually snoozed off on the couch! I'll do more of it tomorrow - hopefully all of it.

Next, here are some of my presents I got for my birthday. I haven't taken photos of the ones Joanna gave me yet - must try and remember to do that tomorrow.

These are more dies for my Go cutter. Isosceles triangles:

And parallelograms:

And this is a template set to make a wedding ring quilt.

I've always fancied making a wedding ring quilt but the cutting slightly scares me. The Go cutter die for the wedding ring quilt is about £80 so I knew that wasn't going to be coming my way any time soon so I "asked for" the template set instead. (The translation of "Asked for" is "I ordered it myself and then gave it to Douglas to wrap for my birthday" :oD)

Now I just have to get my cousin's quilt finished so I can play with my new dies. What fun! :o)

And lastly - thanks to all of you who left comments on my birthday post. I appreciate each and every one of them. :o)

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