Friday, 25 May 2012

so much stuff

On Monday we went on a road trip to Montrose to visit a place called "Steptoe's Yard". It had been on the telly last week as part of a programme where antiques experts buy things in antiques shops and then try to make money from them at auction. We were intrigued by the look of Steptoe's Yard so decided to go and see it for ourselves.

Talk about stuff! I don't think I've ever seen so much stuff in one place in my whole life. Let me show you what I mean.

Anyone need a garden tool or 100?

How about some garden shears? Or a plate, dish or jug from the tables behind?

How about a grass roller, wheelbarrow, golf trolley or a bike? And even more dishes on the tables in the background?

Cutlery on the table in the foreground and even more dishes on all those tables in the background.

Here's just a small sample of the lawnmowers they have.

Next we went inside one of the HUGE buildings. Camera anyone?

Or how about a picture?


More chairs.

The place was literally stacked to the ceiling with chairs - and couches!

There were quite a few old sewing machines.

Anyone need a hairbrush? (I don't know why but this box made me feel kind of sad.)

Every available surface had stuff on it. Every cupboard was stuffed with stuff.

Tables on top of tables and top of tables.

Furniture of all shapes and sizes. (Who is that handsome man who keeps appearing in my photos??)

This is only half of the photos I took so there was more than double this amount of stuff! It was certainly worth a look but, oh my goodness, what an amount of stuff!

Oh, and no, we didn't buy anything!!


  1. Holey toledo... that's a LOT of stuff!!!

  2. Wow, that IS a big bunch of "stuff". What fun to dig through it all!

  3. Oh my. How would you ever find what you came to buy in the first place, LOL?

  4. I still can't believe you came home empty handed! Wow! ;o)

  5. Hi, we went to Steptoe's Yard on Saturday. It was MAGICAL! Thanks very much for this post, I would never have known about it otherwise!

    Eilidhbelle x


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