Wednesday, 23 May 2012

my pressies from Jo

I finally remembered to photograph the birthday presents I got from Joanna. Honestly, she is one of those rare people who just seems to be able to get the right present for people no matter who they are. I think it's an art - and one I definitely don't have! So what did she get me that was so clever?

A beach hut salt and pepper to add to my happy shelf (first shown here).

Next she remembered that I'd pinned a recipe for baked doughnuts but I'd had no luck in finding a doughnut baking tray (plenty mini ones out there but no "normal" doughnut sized ones). So, what do you do when you can't find a doughnut tray? You get a doughnut shaped cutter.

It apparently also cuts bagels so the next time I try making my own bagels, they might actually have holes in them!

Next she got me the most beautiful necklace and matching earrings.

The necklace is really quite long and, somehow, Jo just seemed to know that it would look amazing on me. Genius, I tell you! :o)

The last thing she got me, I'd actually asked for but, due to my increasing years - :oP - I'd forgotten I'd asked for it so it was another surprise for me! Yay!

And I just have to show you the card she gave me. We'd seen the card in a shop a few weeks ago and I laughed so much at it, I was in danger of embarrassing myself ... if you know what I mean. I laughed just as hard when she gave it to me.

It might not be funny to you but I was a Maths teacher in my past life. Also, the answer is actually correct because - and here comes my Maths teacher persona - the "complimentary" in the question should have been "complementary" so, saying the angle looks "loads thinner from this side" IS a "compliment"! And now I've started laughing all over again!


  1. That's so sweet - thank you. Glad you liked all your stuff. And I'm laughing now, too!

    J x

  2. A belated happy birthday to you! Sweet presents.

  3. That card is priceless! And I agree...she definitely has good taste in buying gifts. Glad you're spoiled for another year :-)

  4. My husband also seems to have the gift of picking out perfect presents. I seem to catch it intermittently (and rarely ever for Hubby, so I'm not sure what's up in that case).

    Happy belated birthday! I'm glad it was so fun, including all the laughing over the card. I can't believe I didn't notice the "i" instead of "e" when I looked at the photo. Shame on me!


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