Monday, 14 May 2012

busy, busy, busy

I can't believe I didn't blog last week after Wednesday. It's not like I wasn't doing anything! In fact, I was busy, busy, busy! Singing, sewing, baking etc. etc.

The first thing I did was make a collarless blouse with the left-overs from the spotty sheet I'd used to make the top in this post. Here's the blouse - usual pattern, McCall's 5359.

The reason Diana the Dummy is wearing my denim skirt is I had to add darts to the back waist to make it fit me better. It was way too loose and I could pull it down without taking the zip down - if I felt the urge to do such a thing, that is! I also shortened it by an inch as I always felt it was just a teeny bit long. It fits me so much better now. Yay! :o)

Next I got up early on Saturday morning to get my mum's birthday cake in the oven in time for it to cool down enough to be decorated. She loved it. Each candle represents 21 years! :o)

We came home with a bit as she said she wouldn't manage to eat it all. It was delish - even though I say it myself! Plain sponge, butter icing, citrus-flavoured sprinkles and lemon curd in the middle - what's not to like? :oD

Then, on Saturday afternoon, I set to and made myself a couple of new nighties. As you can see from the pattern envelope, I've had this a really long time - yes, it really does say "1980"!

This one was easy as I had the right amount of material so no messing needed with this one.

This one, on the other hand, took a wee bit of manipulating as I didn't have enough fabric to get the length I wanted. I thought it would be okay but, when I tried it one, it was halfway up my thighs. Not a good look at my age! :oP

So, I used a couple of left-over strips to add a frilly bit around the bottom hem. I'm hoping, when I put it on tonight, that more thigh is covered than showing! *blush*

The singing I talked about was the second (of three) spring concerts with the choir I sing in. (I'm sure that's really bad grammar!) Only 2 weeks until the third of three and we've got 4 new songs to learn off by heart in those 2 weeks. Yikes!!

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  1. You are just a sewing fool, aren't you? My fav is the second one with the gathered neck. Cute. Wish I had a piece of that cake about now!


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