Thursday, 3 May 2012

3 more FWs and a new start

Here are 3 more Farmer's Wife blocks - the last few for a wee while:

Butterfly at the crossroads:

Friendship block:


That last block nearly got thrown out the window to join the seagull from yesterday's post but I persevered with it and it turned out almost okay. I suspect, unless it lies flat when I add the sashing to it, that it will be replaced with another block which will lie flat!

Anyway, that'll be some time in the future as I have another project I'm going to start now - another quilt to give as a wedding present. My youngest cousin is getting married at the end of June so I'm going to make her and her hubby-to-be a quilt. I've decided that it's not going to be a "fancy" quilt that they have to be careful with - more like one that they can chuck in the boot of the car and take on picnics and such.

They have a wee girl of 17 months so I thought I'd also make her a wee patchwork bag. I mean, I can remember back to when my girls were wee and they loved to carry things around in their own bags or little baskets. Let's just hope that she's of the same mind. :o)

Anyway, here's the starting photos of this quilt - getting fabrics ready to cut out 169 x 4½" squares.

All I can say is - thank goodness for the Go cutter which has a 4½" square as one of the dies. That will save a l-o-t of cutting by hand! So far I've already cut out 90 squares - only 79 more to go.

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