Wednesday, 9 May 2012

13 x 13 patchwork top and another blouse

Over the weekend I managed to get all the squares cut out for the quilt for my cousin and her hubby-to-be. All 169 of them.

I chose the sheet I was going to use on the back - the blue piece - and some stripey stuff which will be used for the binding around the edges.

On Monday I started sewing them all together in rows and, after I'd done all 13, I laid threw them on the spare bed ready for pressing.

Here they are all pressed and ready for the next bit. What a difference!

And here is the patchwork top laid out on our bed.

I *LOVE* it! I hope they will too.

I left the next stage for another day and today I made (yet another) blouse from my favourite pattern - McCall's 5359.

This one was made with a remnant which cost me £2 and the buttons came from my collection as did the thread. A blouse for £2? Not too shabby! :o)


  1. That quilt is just lovely - very nice! :D

  2. Anne,

    As always, I'm am in awe of your talent. I wish I had the time and talent that you have to make quilts. I don't always comment but I do check your blog often. Hoping all is well with you.

    Jeanna (my2sonsmommy from iVillage)

  3. Wow... 169 squares is a alot! Congrats on a cool scrappy flimsy finish!

    Great blouse.... and for such a good price too!


  4. If the intended recipients don't love the quilt (and how could they not???) I'd gladly take it off their hands ;-)


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