Saturday, 7 April 2012

tops, a block, spots and a mess

I've been busy making myself a couple of tops this week.

On this one I had cut out the sleeves but, on trying it on before putting the sleeves in, I just knew it wouldn't fit me if I did so I cut my losses and faced the armholes instead. After all, I'm always wearing cardigans so who'd know if the top had sleeves or not?? It fits me beautifully. :o) (Oh and I didn't make any of the fancy flounces. I don't think I'm a fancy flouncy gal.)

On this next one, I knew the top would be too short so I lengthened it by 2" above the armhole shaping so I knew those sleeves would fit.

This one also fits me beautifully. Yay!! :o)

I dug out the Farmer's Wife blocks again. I didn't actually realise I had a few already cut out so I got to it and made this one today.

When I went for my mum's shopping this week, I just so happened to walk down the aisle with the sheets and spotted (ha!) these two. The equivalent of 2 metres of fabric for £7? I just had to have them both for more tops.

It wasn't until I got them home and was unpacking them to wash them that I realised there was a great danger that I'd look like Minnie Mouse in the red one. Mmmmm.

As for the "mess" in the title - that's nothing to do with me. Douglas is steadily getting the kitchen done.

As usual, today's effort was way more complicated than it should have been. He had to make 2 trips to B&Q for plumbing parts this morning but I'm happy to say my new sink and mixer taps are in and everything is draining properly. Yay!!

Not long now until I can get the cupboards all loaded again and get things where they should be. Hopefully, when I do that, I'll find the mushroom brush. It's disappeared into thin air!


  1. You are so talented. Lovely tops. I love both Minnie Mouse and polka dots so you will have a win - win with me. :) Lucky you with the new kitchen. Enjoy your Easter holiday.

  2. Well, if the polka dots don't look good on you, they'll look lovely in your stash ;-)

  3. Very nice. The tops look fab. :)

  4. Happy Easter, Anne! Love the tops you made!


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