Monday, 23 April 2012

a few catch ups

When I was sewing some more Farmer's Wife blocks this afternoon, I realised that I hadn't posted the photo of the top I made with the red spotty sheet I'd bought a few weeks ago - blogged about here. Thankfully, I don't think I look too much like Minnie Mouse in it ... or at least nobody has been brave enough to tell me I look like her! Anyway, here's that top - McCall's 5352 as seen here:

Here's another blouse I made over the weekend. It's the same as the turquoisey one I made last week which is just my go-to blouse pattern (McCalls 5359) but with no collar.

I wore it to our Singers' concert yesterday afternoon and it was really comfortable.

For the same Singers' concert, I had to make another bow tie so I rattled this one out on Saturday morning.

And here are the FW blocks I made both over the weekend and today.

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