Tuesday, 27 March 2012

the shed

Whilst Debbie and Jason have been here, Jason has helped Douglas to build a new shed. Actually, it would be far more truthful to say that Douglas was helping Jason!

I took photos throughout the whole process. The first one is actually from last year at this time as I completely forgot to take a before photo! Anyway, here they are in order.

It's not quite finished but Douglas is being entrusted to do the finishing off ... and I've to nag him to make sure he does it. I can do that! :oD

Debbie and Jason head back to Canada tomorrow. I'm trying not to think too much about that as I'm bound to get upset. I'm trying to think, instead, of getting my sewing room back to myself again. And to not having piles of stuff lying all around the house! Now that I am definitely looking forward to! :oD


  1. It looks so bright and green there. So different from our gray and dull.

    So what was wrong with the other shed? And I was thinking a train passes right behind your garden and sure enough there it went zooming past in one picture. : )

    We've been looking at homes in Europe and your garden reminds me of most of the houses we've looked at so far. ---- Les

  2. Hey look its me!


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