Thursday, 16 February 2012

a new long term project

Last year I bought the Farmer's Wife Sampler Quilt book:

I didn't do anything with it other than read it - no cutting out or planning or sewing of any of the 111 quilt squares took place.

Today that changed. I cut out the bits for 4 squares and bagged them up with their names in the bags so I'd know which square they were for.

There are a few more that I'd like to make but I need to print out the templates that came on the CD which accompanied the book. The only thing is, all those templates are on separate pdf files. How silly is that? I mean, it'd be okay if there were only 10 templates but there are 133 of them in total so, if I just printed them out as they are, that'd be 133 pieces of paper going through the printer and only using, like template 1 does, a 2½" square of that paper. Not going to happen.

I'm going to make good use of my Photoshop abilities and get the templates on to as few pages as I can and then I'll print them out. If I can get 6 to a page, that'll be (if my arithmetical skills are still up to speed) 22 pages instead of 133. 22 pages still sounds a lot but not compared to 133!!

I'm not going to make this a speedy project. It's a long term project. Actually, all that means is I'll be making a square now and again when I feel like it and I'm not going to make any rash promises about when it'll be finished! My kind of project! :oD

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