Tuesday, 14 February 2012

make-up bag and cardholder

I made another make-up bag/pouch yesterday. Aren't the hearts cute? The fact that it's heart day today is just a coincidence! :o)

I also made myself a cardholder based on this tutorial that I had pinned:

Source: via Anne on Pinterest

Here's my version of it:

And the outside which I closed with a smiley button and a hairbobble! :oD

I was out at the supermarket this morning and used the card holder and none of the cards fell out as I grabbed the one I wanted. That was my main problem with the one I had - the plastic wallets holding the cards had stretched with use and the cards all get a bit loose inside them. No more! :o)

I'm now off up to the sewing room to continue tidying my fabric on my new shelves. I wonder what I'll find today that I'd forgotten I had! :oD

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