Tuesday, 28 February 2012

happy things

I decided not to show the next FW blocks today as that's all I seem to have shown on here for a while - apart from the sunrise/sunset thingy yesterday. So, what else could I show? Well, I just went around with my camera and snapped a few things that made me happy and here they are.

First of all, I bought a HUGE plastic jar/container thingy this morning where I've put all my cake cases. I took several poses of it just because it's such a happy thing! :o)

Next I went outside and took photos of some crocuses/croci. I had to go and check that I was spelling that properly and, yes, "croci" really is one of the versions of the plural!

The pulmonaria is just getting going:

The forsythia looks a bit leggy:

A couple of lovely bright heathers:

A pot of primulas/primulae:

The daffodils are going to provide us with a great show again this year ... hopefully soon:

In the meantime, I'll just buy some cheap bunches from the supermarket:

And, finally, a couple of pepper pots I bought on the sale shelf last week.

It made no difference to me that they were both pepper pots and not a salt and pepper - I just collect them, I don't use them! :oD


  1. your spring flowers are beautiful! Looking forward to seeing those cheery colors here once again!


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