Wednesday, 1 February 2012

glutton for punishment?

Well, yet again, I'm attempting to make myself a blouse that fits. I'm really hopeful with this one because I've read reviews on and they're all pretty favourable. Here's the pattern I'm using:

So far, I've got the body sewn together and it does fit me ... so far. Long term readers might remember the black blouse I made last year which fitted me beautifully in the body but, as soon as I added the sleeves, it didn't fit me any more.

But I'm trying to think positively about this one for various reasons. Firstly, the pattern is for larger ladies - that would be me. It also comes with instructions of how to adapt the sleeves for ladies with "big biceps" - that would be me. It also has fronts for ladies with bigger boobular areas - that would be me.

So, hopefully, I'll be showing off a blouse in the next few days that actually fits me. And, if it does, I'm thinking it'll be the start of a spree of blouse making. But let's not get too far ahead of ourselves here. Let's just wait and see if the sleeve adding doesn't spoil everything!


  1. Good luck! I'm sure it'll be wonderful!

    Boobular - *giggles*

    J x

  2. Good luck with the blouse! And your Sticky Gingerbread looks mah-velous! I would love to make some and have it with coffee. I'm trying to lose a little weight (okay, a LOT) so I'm passing on it for now.

    P.S. My mother says she has my pinny finished! I can't wait to see it and show it to you!


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