Friday, 3 February 2012

drat, drat and double drat

Well, as I posted the other day, the body of the blouse fitted really well but ... Yep, you've guessed it. When I put the sleeves in, they were too tight and it just made the whole blouse unwearable.

The pattern gave a size chart for biceps and the "average" arm would finish at 17". I measured my biceps - over the top of my cardigan so, therefore, I was actually adding size to my arms - and they measured 15". So, you'd think that at least 2" would be fine as movement space. Wouldn't you? Apparently not.

So, I unpicked the sleeves, added bits in the the front and back of them to make them wider, lowered the armhole on the body section and re-attached them. They do fit better but I thought I'd like them to be a wee bitty wider still so I spent this afternoon messing with the sleeve pattern, consulting various books and articles as to how to add more ease in. I copied the pattern, slashed it open, re-aligned bits, re-positioned other bits and really thought I'd cracked it.

But. You knew there was a "but" coming, didn't you? And I bet you know what I'm going to say next, don't you? Yep. It didn't work. When I went to pin the new sleeve into the blouse, it was now too big and it won't fit the gap. It matches above the notches but there's far too much fabric below the notches. *sigh*

I walked away from it this afternoon but I'm determined I'm not going to let this beat me. I really want to get back into sewing my own clothes so I need to be able to make sleeves that fit me. I WILL get this right. I will. I will. I will!!!

Okay, enough of that. Here's something that always makes me laugh. I suspect that after the battles I'm having with sleeves, I might well be the one in four!!

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  1. Thinking about soe of my friends ...... it's me who is the sane one!! Hope you get to grips with the sleeve problem - probably the solution will pop into your head while you are busy with something else!!


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