Wednesday, 4 January 2012

tumbler table topper

Tumbler table topper. Try saying that 5 times quickly! LOL

Anyway, today I decided to make a wee topper for the table that sits just to the left and behind me when I sit at my computer. The table is just one of those Ikea tv table jobbies and is only used to hold the cable for my camera, a block or two of paper and, if I'm not paying attention, anything else Douglas manages to dump on it!

I used one of my new Go! cutter dies and cut up 24 pieces of fabric into wee tumblers. My first idea was to just go with no real plan for the fabrics but I opened the "blacks" drawer of my fabric scraps and the more I pulled out of there, the more I decided I wanted to use all blacks. Black isn't really a colour I'd use in a quilt or whatever so why not use it for my wee table cover?

Here are the tumblers all laid out ready to sew:

Here it is with the fabrics quilted on to the wadding and the back piece - don't ask me why I used yellow thread. It was another of those "why not?" moments. :oP

The piece of fabric I used on the back is also a black fabric and it's covered in red and white dice. It's one of those fabrics that I bought out of the remnant box which, almost as soon as I got it home I wondered what had possessed me to buy it. I don't know anyone who gambles so what on earth would I do with it? Oh wait ... why not use it on the back of my wee table topper? Why not, indeed? :oD

And here's the final table topper:

Now, the eagle-eyed amongst you might have spotted that there are 28 tumblers in the final version ... that's because I decided that a 6 x 4 arrangement wasn't big enough so I added another 4 fabrics in. Who'd have thought I had 28 pieces of black fabrics? Well, I don't have 28 now because some of the pieces were just big enough and no more for these tumblers. So I've cleared some fabrics out by making this - yay!

The even more eagle-eyed amongst you might have spotted that the bottom row in the original plan became the second bottom row in the finished article and that the arrangement of the tumblers in that second bottom row is changed ever so slightly. Yeah, let's just say I slightly messed it up and leave it at that! :oD


  1. That's so cool. I recognise the pirate fabric, the Russian dolls and the footballs! So glad you found a way to use up the footballs!

    J x

  2. It looks great and there's some lovely fabrics in there. I like the Russian dolls, the oranges and the fuchsias.

  3. What a great way to use up fabric. I keep saying I must sort out my scrap fabric - and this is definite encouragement to get on with it!


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