Sunday, 8 January 2012

teeny, tiny coin purses

I don't know what it's like where you live but, around here, we need a £1 coin to use a supermarket trolley. Or, if it fits, a trolley coin which is basically the size and shape of a £1 coin but you can't spend it. (We get the coins back when we put the trolleys back so it doesn't actually cost us £1 to use the trolley!)

Up to now, I've been carrying my £1 coin and a trolley coin in a (free) plastic coin holder but last week it started dropping the £1 coin out - not good. I decided I wanted to have something that would hold the 2 coins safely but would be small enough to hang on my keyring.

I used the tutorial for the ear bud holder from here. I made my circles 3" instead of the bigger size needed for ear buds and here's what my teeny tiny purses look like.

I made one for myself and then, when it worked, one for Jo as, most Sundays she has to ask me for a £1 coin as she never seems to have one. Now she won't have to ask as she can attach her teeny, tiny purse to her keyring too! Very cool! :o)


  1. Yay - I love mine! Thanks, mum! :D

  2. Cool! We do have those in the States too. What I try to do is keep the necessary coin in the ash tray in the car. I then put it back when I get back in the car.

    Cheryl (coldfingers)

  3. They're brilliant, everyone should have one.

  4. Very cool! And so stylish!

    My car's glove compartment has coin slots in the door (very neat idea!) but I always forget to put parking meter or cart money in there, so until I bought one of the store coins, I just had to fish for spare change in the coin part of my wallet. If I didn't have any, it was very annoying. Thankfully, the store coin I use most when grocery shopping has a keyring clasp attached to it. (Actually, I have two coins now because I once misplaced one when I put it in the pocket of my jeans rather than back on the keychain. Now there's a coin for both sets of keys!)

  5. Very cute. They tried the coins in the trolley idea here a few years back but it didn't work. You'd have people try to take yours out of your hand at the check-out (for the money), and kids were the worse, hanging around following you just to take your cart from you for the money, etc... It was a nightmare. I think people complained so it went away.--- Les


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