Friday, 6 January 2012

lil twister whirylgig ruler

I spent some of my Christmas money on a Lil Twister ruler.

I'd seen this on the internet a while ago and really liked the pattern it made but then I forgot about it until I saw a pin on Pinterest for a tutorial for it. I did some investigating and found a UK site that sold the ruler so I ordered one and it came yesterday. So, naturally, I had to have a shot of it immediately!

First of all, I cut out 30 5" squares and put them in a 6 wide x 5 high layout.

Then I sewed them all together and added a 3" border around the outside. (I used that dice fabric again - it's being well used this week! :oD)

Next I had to lay the lil twister ruler on the intersection of all the squares - there are lines on the ruler you have to line up with your seams - and then I proceeded to cut out the shapes.

Here are my new squares re-arranged into the whirlygig pattern.

And here it is all sewn back together.

When I do it again - and I have absolutely no doubt that I will make this again LOTS of times!! - I must remember not to put colours that are similar to the border fabric on the outside edge. If you look at the top left corner, the wee pirate skulls fabric is lost because it's so similar to the dice fabric.

I'm still *really* happy with it, though. In fact, I *love* it! :o)


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