Friday, 20 January 2012

gold runner

After a week of not getting much done because of my infernal cough - which is, thankfully, getting better - I managed to get the binding sewn on this new gold runner.

And here it is in situ - on top of the dresser in the dining room. I might be a wee bit biased here, but I have to say I *LOVE* it! :o)

This was all made from scraps out of those plastic drawers I showed in the last post and the backing - not shown - is a piece of 1/8" check yellow gingham which I know I brought down from Inverness when we moved back here in 2000.

See, my Grandad always used to say "if you keep a thing for 7 years you'll always find a use for it.". Well, apparently, it works if you keep something for 12 years as well! :oD


  1. I love it too. Nice and bright :-)

  2. Now that's something I'd give pride of place to in my house, it's gorgeous.

  3. This caught my eye because of its lovely bright colours, most cheering on a grey winter day (as it is here). I suspect your grandfather and my grandmother learnt many of the same sayings, though mine was apparently wont to say that if you'd had a thing for seven years and hadn't used it, you should turn it over and keep it another seven. Fine advice, I find.


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