Wednesday, 25 January 2012

a few finishes to report

I realised that I hadn't shown a few things that I've made recently so this post should bring me up to speed on those things.

First, here's the lil twister mini quilt which I finally finished the binding of the other day.

Next, a couple of pincushions I made for Joanna. One side:

The other side:

Next I got out the various pieces of ribbon which Joanna had given me for Christmas or I had bought and made new watchstraps with them.

Then I was playing around making a dresden plate pattern and this is how the wee bits looked as I was ironing them. They look like mini ties! :oD

Next I put them together into the plate pattern:

Next I put the plate on a piece of denim and made it into a bag.

Inside the bag are a couple of pockets - one for my iPhone and one for the obligatory carrier bag so I can help save the planet. I also covered a piece of hard cardboard with the lining fabric to make the bottom of the bag more rigid. It's in the bag in this photo but not the next photo which is why the turquoise stripes don't look the same in the two pics!

And, I added a wee hanger where I hang my keys. Saves a lot of scrabbling about searching in the bottom of the bag for them.

Needless to say, that photo has the usual stray thread in it that I never see when I take the photos! :oD

And lastly, here's a wee dumpling bag which I made today - free pattern and tutorial here.

I'd made one of these before and was disappointed at how flimsy it was even with the fabric interfaced so, in this one, I used wadding instead of interfacing and it's turned out much better. Here's the inside:

And the ribbons I threaded through the zip end to make it easier to pull.

Okay, that's me up to date again - I think!

Happy Burns Night to all my fellow Scots out there! :o)


  1. Lots of lovely things. I have to say though, I love the dumpling bag, I think it must be the lovely bright fabric. Hope you enjoyed Burns Night, was it haggis for supper?

  2. Very pretty things! My haggis was delish last night so it was definitely a happy Burns' Night for me!

  3. Ohhhh, I loved your bag, the one with the pockets inside and the "mini ties" used for the pattern on the outside. So cute! ---- Les


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