Sunday, 1 January 2012

Christmas loot - last post!

Okay, last post about my amazing Christmas loot - honest! :o)

I got some fabric:

I knew I'd get money from the grannies so I put it towards some more dies for my Go cutter:

Jo got me some notebooks with appropriate covers on them and a few other odds and ends designed to keep my occupied in my sewing room!

And then I got some FAB-U-LOUS salts and peppers, a cream and sugar set and a napkin holder to add to my collection. I *LOVE* these! (I love all my presents, I hasten to add, but I especially love these!)

Didn't I say already that I must have been awful good to get all that? I am a really lucky girl! :o)


  1. Ooooh you got owl fabric! My dd is obsessed with owls and I got her bunches of owl things off Etsy, plus owl earbuds, an owl bathrobe, and little brother made her a tied fleece blanket using owl fleece.

  2. Wow, looks like really nice.--- Les


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