Thursday, 8 December 2011


Well, what a day we've had today. Hurricane force winds have been blowing in the central belt of Scotland and, boy, it's been scary. Thankfully, Douglas cancelled his journey to Glasgow today because, if he'd gone, I doubt he'd be home yet.

The Forth Road Bridge was closed to all traffic - it might still be closed - so, instead of a 25 - 30 minute journey home from Edinburgh, people are taking 4.5 hours. OMG!!

At one point, the police were actually advising people not to travel at all. There have been a definite lack of trains passing by at the back of our garden. One I did see this afternoon was going so slowly, the people would have been quicker walking!!

The wind is easing now although it is still really noisy out there. I'm really hoping it's gone by bedtime or I'll be sleeping with my head *under* the pillow!

Of course, tomorrow's a new day and what can we expect then? Let's see what the trafficscotland site says:

An area of sleet and snow is expected to move southeastwards across Scotland, and has the potential to leave a covering of 2-4 cm in places. There is currently more than average uncertainty in the timing and extent of snow, and this warning is likely to be updated.

Ahhhh, the joys of living in Scotland.


  1. I could watch that a hundred times over and still laugh. OMG trampoline! *Snorts*

    And at least my 2 hour working day meant I got my Christmas decorations up! :)

    Bring on the snow - next week!

    J x

  2. glad Douglas stayed home, who knows what other roving play equipment may have been out there!


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