Thursday, 29 December 2011

my Christmas books

As I said the other day, I got a lot of fabulous presents for Christmas. Here are the books I got. I love each and every one of them. :o)

And here are just a teeny tiny sample of some of the things I love inside these books. They're on my "Oh, I *have* to make that" list. Whether they'll all get done, who knows? But I've made a start. I've already got one of the "spokes" of the round cushions knitted. Go me! :oD


  1. I've got a warm fuzzy feeling just looking at all the pictures! Plus, I'm hungry just looking at them too!

  2. Well we won't be hearing you complain of boredom in 2012, will we ;-) Personally, I think "Material Obsession" is an excellent book addition to your library.


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