Monday, 19 December 2011

Jo's dress, a pinny, labels and birds

I finished Jo's dress at the weekend and persuaded her to try it on. Doesn't she look FAB-U-LOUS?? I think so! :o)

And what does a girl do in a dress with a floaty hem? She burls!! :oD

Next is one of a pair of pinnies I made today for each of the grannies. (Yes, my dress is still on the dummy but that's okay. Yes, it is! :oP

I've also made matching oven gloves but the light had gone by the time I'd finished them so I'll take photos tomorrow.

I got a delivery today that I was excited about. New labels to sew into the things I make for other people.

They didn't have the same reel of thread as a logo like the ones I'm nearly finished (on the left in this photo) so I ordered the ones with the ball of wool, measuring tape and reel of thread. Pretty cool, I think. :o)

And, when I was taking the photo from the sewing room window, I zoomed in on the coconut shells hanging on the bird feeding station. Both were occupied by little birds at the time - I think they're blue tits but they're a bit far away to be 100% sure. They're pretty cool too! :o)

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