Tuesday, 27 December 2011

I must have been really good!

I must have been really good this year because Santa left me some amazing stuff for my Christmas! I'll gather the rest of them into another post another day but I just wanted to show this one.

If you don't know what that is, it's a Kindle. Wow! I spent a lot of time yesterday putting books on it. And, the most I paid for those books was £1.99. Most of the ones I downloaded were free! Free books? Who's going to say no to that? Not me!

I smiled to myself when I realised that the first book I loaded in was a Nora Roberts book - Taming Natasha! It cost me all of 99p! I'd read it before but that didn't stop me getting it or reading it again! :o)

I can see myself spending lots of time in the Kindle store looking for more free books. I don't think the 24 I have on there already are nearly enough to keep me going! :oD


  1. Yay, a Kindle. And free books. Can't beat that at all :-) I love mine...it was a birthday present.

  2. You will love having this. I love my Nook and read lots more books because I have it. I love deciding I want to read a new book on the spur of the moment at midnight and being able to go online and have it in less than 5 minutes! Technology!

  3. They are great fun. Not sure how your local lending library will do it, but here in the US there are 2 week loans of e-books, too. For ones you may not even want to pay 99p for, that's a good deal.

  4. I'm jealous of your Kindle. I ended up with a local brand e-reader for xmas and the thing seemed faulty and was shipped back. No kindle, etc... here only local spin off brands which I will now avoid. I was pretty upset as I've been wanting an e-reader so I could get English books with no hassle.---- Les


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