Friday, 2 December 2011

Christmas singing's all done - and some photos

The choir I sing in held it's second (and last) Christmas concert this evening. It went really well. The fact that the first Christmas concert we did (last Sunday) also went really well means we have an astounded musical director, an "to be honest, I'm amazed" accompanist and a very happy choir. It really does feel good to know that we did a good job. Go us!!

Just to finish the week off, I'm going to post some photos just because I can!

First, a photo of another frilly flirty half pinny that I made earlier in the week.

Then a photo of some zips I ordered from zipit on etsy.

They came all the way from the US in 4 days - some UK firms could should learn from this! - and they only cost me $15.75 for 10 x 8" and 10 x 14" zips. That's £10.09 in my money. My local shop sells 8" zips for £1.60 and 14" zips for £2.20 so, if I'd bought the zips in there, I'd have had to spend £38. And their zips aren't as good quailty as the zipit zips are nor do they stock these amazing colours. No wonder I'm so pleased. Great zips, fantastic price, speedy delivery and wonderful customer service. I will most certainly be buying from zipit again.

And finally, a photo of Rosie. I'd told her I was only going downstairs for my camera and that she didn't need to come down with me. She didn't come all the way down - only down 3 steps and then wasn't quite sure how to turn and go back up when I arrived with said camera! :oD

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  1. Poor little confused her ;-) Glad your Christmas gigs went well. Now you can relax. Ha ha!


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