Wednesday, 9 November 2011

new 'do, teeny tree and coming soon

I got a haircut yesterday and, for once, the hairdresser actually did what I asked her to do - "cut it as short as you can without making me look stupid". I *LOVE* it!!

I did make the teeny tiny tree:

It's fab but the size made it a wee bit finicky to make. For example, the tree trunk is ½" square finished size. *gasp*

I made some oven gloves today and took lots of photos so I can write tutorials for how to make them. Double oven gloves:

(I hadn't baked muffins, I was just holding the baking tray to show the gloves off! :oD)

And the single mitt:


  1. I love your hair! And your crafting :-)

  2. How fun to see you Anne -- your new haircut looks great!

  3. Your hair looks great and I love your sewing projects.


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