Thursday, 24 November 2011

more sewing and some crochet

I've been busy sewing again this week. First off I made myself a black skirt - yes, it is as shiny as it appears in the photo!

It fits me perfectly but the material is really stiff so the flounces all stick out more than I'd like them to. I put the skirt in the washing machine this morning to see if the stiffness might soften a wee bit so I'll just wait and see what I think when I take it out of the drying cupboard.

The next thing I made was a flirty frilly half pinny.

This was such fun to make. The main part of the pinny is a fat quarter of fabric and the frills and ties only took ½ yard of material so a great way to use up some bits from the stash. I can feel a few more of those coming on! And, yes, I took a note - and photos - of what I did so a tutorial should be up soon. :o)

Finally, I'm making a scarf for Joanna.

I've only got a few rounds to go and then it's the sewing up and sewing in of the ends. Hopefully I'll get that done this weekend and I'll then decide if she's getting the scarf now or has to wait until Christmas for it. It might be a bit daft to make her wait when she's seen the squares coming together. I'll have to think about that one! :oD

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