Monday, 21 November 2011

a few things to show ...

I've got a few things to show today. First of all, the last (for now) of the flirty frilly pinnies for Debbie.

Next, the last (again for now) of the double oven gloves for Debbie.

Next a sparkly top which I made for myself over the weekend.

To be honest, I was a bit wary of sewing this as the fabric is net with silver sequins on it and it could have been a nightmare to sew but it wasn't. I think the reason why it wasn't was that my walking foot had been on the sewing machine when I went to thread it up with black thread and I had a lightbulb moment thinking that the walking foot would make the net soooooo much easier to sew. It was true!

Also, I decided to sew the seams using the French seam method. (I didn't press it like the lady on the video did - the net and/or the sequins might have melted!) I hadn't sewn French seams for years - decades?? - but, it was like riding a bike. Once you know how, you never forget. (Although, truth be told, I'd hate to try riding a bike after all these years - decades! :oD)

Today I made a long-sleeved black blouse to wear under the sparkly top.

It's not finished yet as I've still the buttonholes and buttons to do and the sleeves will need shortened as well. But here's what the top and blouse look like together. I think I'll be quite a bright spark at the Singers concert next week wearing these! :oD

Apologies for the photos. I had to switch the flash on to get anything to show up!!

Now, just because it's a while since Rosie appeared on here -

And, here's what a 29 year old and her 56 year old dad do on a Sunday afternoon when the internet and cable television aren't working. They had a blast! :oD


  1. 29? Damn I'm old! But it was fun! I'll bet Dad's been playing with it today as well! :D

  2. I Love the cherry fabric! How pretty!
    The sparkly shirt is very you mummy - also very pretty! :o)


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