Tuesday, 1 November 2011

finishes and loot

Here's the promised photo of the Christmas tree panel I finished yesterday. I love this soooo much. :o)

And here's the finished matryoshka dolly. I was just saying to Joanna today that these might look good dressed all in white as angels for Christmas. Something else to think about!

I had to go for toy stuffing to finish the matryoshka dolly so, as Joanna had a day off today, she and I made a trip along to the craft shop about 25 minutes away. We told ourselves all the way along in the car not to look forward to it too much because that's a sure fire way of being disappointed. Well, neither of us were disappointed. Oh my goodness, I am sooooooo pleased with the loot I picked up.

A pack of 5 Christmas fat quarters: (the one on the top right is upside down. Oops!)

4 fat quarters from the bargain box:

A Christmas panel:

A Christmas scrap bag:

4 other scrap bags:

And, look at what I found in one of the scrap bags - teeny tiny kimonos:

Now, please don't anyone ask me what I'm going to do with all that new fabric. I don't know yet. But I'll think of something! :oD


  1. Very cool! I still need to show you what I bought that I'm allowed to show you because it's really great! :)

  2. Ooooh you definitely had a lucrative shopping journey today. I love that kimono fabric. I had a quilting friend who had lived in Japan for 9 years and had many Japanese-influenced quilted items as decor in her house, including one of her last projects, satiny kimono wallhangings for in her bathroom. She would have loved your fabric!


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