Thursday, 6 October 2011

the world has lost an amazing man

We are, and always have been, Apple people. Our computers are all Macs. We all have iPhones. Douglas has an iPad - and the girls are waiting for him to upgrade to the new version so they can have the old one. I might just fight them for it!

Today, we heard that Steve Jobs has died. I know that Apple will go on but, even to me, who never watched those talks he gave where he showed the world what was coming next, I know Apple will miss Steve Jobs.

I found this on Anna's blog and am reposting it here because . . . well, just because. Please take a look at Anna's post and watch the other video she posted. The world really has lost an amazing man!


  1. And I'm bubbling. How sad.

    Funny how a man I've never met could have changed how I live my life so much.

    J x

  2. Isn't it so very sad? I'm hoping that the iphone and ipad are in my future -- I know they're amazing little pieces of technology.

  3. No apple stuff in our home but still I remember the first apple computers. : ) I'm not so sure how Apple will go on without him. He was behind everything they did, this is a big loss to Apple. -- Les


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