Monday, 31 October 2011

the skirt, the hexagon, the dolly and the Christmas tree

The title makes it sound like I'm writing a children's story - but I'm not. They're all things I've been sewing over the weekend and today. :oD

First off was the skirt. Joanna had asked me to take in a skirt she had in her wardrobe because it was too big for her. I did take it in - a whole 4½". Yep, you read that right - I had to take her skirt in by 4½ inches! Wow! I forgot to take photos of the skirt but, even if I say so myself, I did a great job. The skirt had a top yoke and the lower part of it was made up of 12 panels so it wasn't a five minute job by any means. Anyway, the skirt fits her beautifully now so we were both really pleased with that. :o)

The next thing I did was re-make that hexagon I'd been playing with. Well, this one was better than the last one - but not by much.

The seams don't line up, the centre is really untidy and I just don't like it. I can see it will be pulled apart again and the bits added to the scrap boxes to be made into something else another day. Live and learn.

The next thing I made was a matryoshka dolly. Here she is in the making stages.

She's not quite finished yet as I need to buy toy stuffing so I'll show her off in all her glory once she's been stuffed. Hopefully tomorrow. :o)

And here's what I was making today. This is it ready for me to handsew the binding on.

I have now sewn that binding on and it looks fabulous. I'll take photos tomorrow in the daylight to show it off in all its glory. :o)

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