Tuesday, 11 October 2011

sewing scraps

We had another day without internet for the vast majority of the day today. I don't mind being without internet if I've chosen to be that way - like when we were away last week in Harrogate (note to self: post some of those pics!!) but I don't like it so much when it's not my choice! Never mind, I got some more sewing done.

First - what do you do with the scraps left from sewing the tumbler table runners? You make them into little mats.

The fronts -

And the backs -

I ordered another die for my Go cutter last week and it arrived today so I spent some time playing with that. It's the drunkard's path and here's how my first attempt at sewing them turned out.

The front -

And the back -

I love it! I think the quilting looks stunning - even if I do say so myself! :oD

It's amazing what you can do with scraps! :o)


  1. Do you know that I didn't even look at the back earlier? But that's beautiful too! :D

  2. You're awesome, Anne! At least you knkow what to play with if you can't play online ;-)

  3. Anne, thank you for you comment on my post.....and I agree 52 would be better than 1!!!!!!!!! he he!

    Have a super day!

    Vanessa xxx


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