Monday, 17 October 2011

a new dress for Debbie

When we were in Canada, Debbie passed this pattern on to me asking me to make the dress for her.

We bought the fabric out there and I brought it home and thought no more about it until last week when I finally decided that maybe I should get it done.

Now, I have been doing dressmaking for a really long time and can follow a pattern well (just don't ask me how to alter one that doesn't fit!!) but this pattern took me way longer to get done than I thought it would. None of it was particularly hard but it had an awful lot of steps in it.

Debbie wanted dress A (middle row at the bottom) but in the shorter length so I had a collar to do and sleeves that rolled up and are buttoned down with a tab. The skirt part has 8 main panels and 8 godets added in for extra flare. So, unlike a basic skirt with a front and a back, I had 16 parts to sew together then overlock together. And they weren't even straight up and down seams. Oh no. You had to sew the main parts together to about a third of the way down and then the godets had to be sewn in from there down. No wonder it all took so long to get done.

Then there was the phenomen of a side zip. I prefer to put zips in with as few bits attached as possible to make it easier but on this pattern the zip was the second last thing to be done - only the hem was done after the zip went in - so the whole dress had to be flung hither and thither whilst trying to get the zip sewn in without catching in bits that weren't meant to be caught in!

Well, it's finished now and, if I have my way, there's no way I'll be making this one again so Debs can forget any ideas of having any more like it. :oP

I'll try and get a photo of the finished dress tomorrow in the daylight ... that is if we get any daylight tomorrow. It started bucketing rain at about 10am this morning and hasn't stopped since.


  1. I can't wait to see the dress. sorry about the bucketing rain. (love that phrase)

  2. I love the pattern...can't wait to see the finished thing and what fabric she chose. That zipper sounds complicated. I hate complicated sewing ;-)

  3. I think the rain is blowing its way here now...
    Lucky Debbie! That's a pretty dress.

  4. Thanks mummy! I can't wait to see it! Just as well a sewing novice like me didn't attempt it! ;o)


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