Monday, 10 October 2011

the flirty frilly pinny - versions 2 and 3

We had no internet today. Douglas phoned our internet provider this morning at 8.30am and was told it would be off for about 2 hours. It finally came back at 6.25pm!! 10 hours is just a smidge longer than 2 hours in my book!

So, what to do when you can't get online? You do as little housework as you can get away with (nothing new there then! :oD) and then you spend time in the sewing room trying to perfect the flirty frilly pinny pattern.

Here's version 2. I do like it a lot but it's still a wee bit sticky-outy at the lower edge of the side seams.

This is version 3 which I like a lot. I think this will be the finished version now.

The side edge looks a bit strange in this photo but it sits really well on me. None of that sticking-out malarkey like versions 1 and 2.

I will share the pattern as soon as I can. I just need to tidy it all up and then I'll figure out a way to get it on here. :o)


  1. Very cute!!
    Have you thought about matching big girl and little girl pinny's?

  2. Ooooh good idea JustHeather. And then a doll version too ;-)

    Anne, those have turned out very cute. I love version 3 with the huge flowers. Should brighten up a winter day, don't you think?


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