Friday, 21 October 2011

1½" squares - 240 of them!!

I've been busy cutting out 1½" squares this week. 240 of them to be precise. Here's why. I wanted to make this zipped makeup bag:

It comes from this book:

If you want to see more photos from the book, see this post. (Should I be embarrassed that I haven't used that birdy fabric yet? Naw!! :oD)

Anyway, I started cutting out the 80 squares I needed to make the bag and then thought I might make one for Debbie and Joanna and maybe one for someone for a Christmas present so that's why I ended up cutting out 240 1½" squares.

So here are all the squares piled in neat piles of 4 per pile.

And here they are sorted into 4 boxes so that I know each bag will only have one of each fabric in it.

I then started joining one set in twos:

Then in fours:

Then in eights:

Pinned together to get the seams to match:

The resulting patchwork pieces after pressing - the squares are now all 1" finished size:

With the bit for the bag bottom attached:

And with the quilting all done:

I hope to get the bag made up tomorrow - hopefully! Of course, me being me, I'm not going to do things the way the book says. I think the zip would be really hard to put in after you've sewn up the side seams and added the binding. I'll let you know how it goes. :o)


  1. 240 squares? Woman, you are insane. Or you must have a housekeeper ;-) LOL, j/k. Those are going to be awesome bags...what a creative project.


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