Saturday, 10 September 2011

Picasso and me

I blogged here, here and here about the tartan jeans bags I made for Debbie and Jason to sell in their wonderfully fabulous store, the One Stop Wood Shop in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. I'm not being biased! The stuff that Jason makes from pieces of wood just blows my mind. Check out their website if you don't believe me! He's a clever laddie! :o)

In their store they also have the Coal Wynd Gallery where they sell art of all kinds from local and not-so-local artists - that would be me! On the labels on my bags, I'm called a "textile artist from Scotland". :oD Here's the link to that website for you to see what they sell.

Anyway, this week, they took delivery of a painting from an art dealer to (hopefully) sell. It was by - wait for it - Pablo Picasso. No, seriously. I'm not joking. A real 100% genuine Picasso. Wow!!

See: Man with Cigarette by Pablo Picasso.

I asked Debbie to get Jason to take photos of my bags beside the Picasso because - well, just because. Don't they look great together? :oD

So, if you've got a spare $175,000 (Canadian) lying around, rush on over to Bishop's Landing in Halifax and get yourself a genuine Picasso. Go on, you know you want one!

Oh, and maybe you could buy a bag or two whilst you're there! Or a coffee table or bed or bookcase!! :oD


  1. It's tiny! When I saw the first picture I assumed it was huge! Your bags look great, btw!

    I would buy it but I'm saving up for my yacht! Obviously! :)

  2. I'm not so much a Picasso gal...but those bags just rock! I really needed a new vacation bag...but now I'm home with the same old purse. Should have vacationed in Halifax, I guess ;-) That wouldn't have cost too much to pull the camper there, would it? Hee hee.


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