Thursday, 15 September 2011

odd photos

I loaded some photos from my camera today and found a few odd ones that I hadn't blogged about so here we go.

I made (ugly) bagels -

I made them half-size but that turned out to be a mistake because we just ate 2 of them! And some of them had no holes!! but, oh my goodness they were gooooooood! :o)

Rosie got a haircut:

And I bought half a metre of this fabric

As the girl was cutting it for me she told me that there was a wallpaper in the decor department that I might like. She went and got the roll and, sure enough, I did like it but what on earth would I do with it? I certainly wouldn't put it on any of my walls. She asked me if I'd like a free sample so I said "yes, please" more out of politeness than any desire to have any of it!

She unrolled the roll and cut off a metre of it. A whole metre! (This is only half of it!)

If I cut out each of the cupcakes, I could make them into birthday cards and use them for the girls for the next 24 years! 48 birthday cards out of a free sample? Not too shabby! LOL


  1. Cupcakes!!!! What cool awesome fabric...and wallpaper "sample" ;-) Rosie is cute. Those bagels look...yummy. I used to make homemade English muffins that were to die for...I need to make them again sometime for my kids. Have you ever made pretzel bread? Best recipe I found for it was actually called "bretzel" rolls...or bread...can't remember which. Anyway, do a search for a recipe and try them...omg, so good!

  2. I think your bagels look yummy!

  3. Homemade bagels...they look delicious.


  4. Those bagels look so yummy! And i love the pic of Rosie--she looks so adorable with her trim :)

  5. Oh that fabric....would make such a cute little apron. The bagels look yummy too!

  6. I totally agree with the apron idea!

    And what a great wallpaper. My mum would love something like that for scrapbooking pages.


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