Monday, 12 September 2011

it just gets worse

Not only did that forum (blogged about here, here) get rid of 4 long-serving community leaders but 2 even longer-serving community moderators have left now too.

There's no way anybody is going to tell me that these 2 mods have left under their own steam. They've been mods for years at that place and know the ins and outs of the place far better than any of the others. I'd lay bets they were "asked to leave".

I sincerely hope that when Jodi Kahn and Angela Matusik get around to analysing the e-mails sent to them by myself and 2 of the other leaders who got the "shut up or leave" e-mail that they might take a minute to wonder why not only 4 CLs but also 2 of their most senior CMs have "chosen" to leave.

Of course, they might think the "top dog" is doing a wonderful job in getting rid of people who question what's going on. In which case, good luck to them. They'll need it.

In the meantime, my group on cafemom is flourishing. That must really make the "top dog" sick! bwa ha ha


  1. Funny you should mention this. I just heard about two CMs "missing" too. And the gossip was they were just missing, no comments about their being gone or why.

    To me, the first tale tale sign of something wrong at a place of business, high turnover rate!

  2. I heard two CM's left last week too.

    You gotta wonder, don't you. ----Les

  3. Wow! I was so surprised last week when I received the "good by" email from Wendy. It really looks like that forum is going down the drain very quickly.

  4. That's just sad...and it looks to me like the CM's didn't even get a chance to say good-bye on the CC forum? Niiiiiice. We may all be over on CafeMom before you know it, sadly :-( I hate to see something that was so good, so quickly deteriorate into...well...this.

    It'll be interesting to see what "rah rah's" are in the cl workshop. Not that I'll have time to hang out there much. I'm sure it won't be like the last workshop tho!

  5. The two CM's posted on the P&P team board and from the sounds of their posts, it was definitely not something of their choosing.


  6. I read their posts on the P&P team board and got that as well, that it was not the choice of either of them to leave. So very sad, so very wrong.

  7. When will any one wake up and see that the “top dog” pushes anyone she dislikes out the door while fabricating a “valid” reason for her actions?

  8. they didn't leave because they had better opportunities and chose to jump ship. They were told they were no longer needed.


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