Thursday, 8 September 2011

I have the power!

I took myself on to another forum and set up my own sig-making group. The group is private so people have to ask (me) to join. I will probably let most people in but, the odd few who caused bother on my previous board will definitely not be allowed to join. *I have the power!*

Also, in my group on the new forum, *I* am in charge. If someone posts in the wrong folder, *I* move it. If someone becomes a pest - *I* get to remove them from the group. If I want a post to drop down, *I* can lock the post. If I want a post to stay at the top of the list, *I* get to make it a sticky post. *I have the power!*

All this power might go to my head but, hey, I like it. I don't have to ask someone's permission to do something. I don't have to give reasons for why I want things done. I just do them myself. *I have the power!*

Oh and that other place forgot to take me off the mailing list for the leader newsletter. I honestly laughed out loud when I read that they're going to have a community leaders workshop - "to learn more ways to interact as a volunteer community leader".

I think these will be the most important things they'll be taught in at that workshop:
1. You must not ask a question.
2. You must not ask that same question again if we ignore you.
3. You must not ask that same question again if you think our answer is not correct.
4. You must not dare to tell us we're wrong.
5. You must not dare catch us out when we tell lies.


  1. Those should be the things on the agenda. But, a number of things on the agenda are what cls, myself included have tried but haven't worked well. As far as using FB or Twitter to promo...not going to do that either. We all know what the answer is to get iV back to where it was in it's hey-day but TPTB just don't get it. I doubt that I bother with the workshops.


  2. I am very happy that you have your own forum and have total control. LOL

  3. Ooooh I want to come play at your new "home" :D And yea, I was totally LOL when I saw about the CL Workshop. A couple of weeks ago, before things really started going downhill, I was thinking to myself that we needed something like that...we had such cameraderie at the last one and it was a really good thing (before the format change). Now, I'm sure it's too little, too late. Waaaay too late. Sadly :-(

  4. Yay! for your new 'home'. Sorry to hear about the drama elsewhere. I haven't been there in some time as I didn't like the last change they made. (Has there been another since?) It was too confusing and hard to navigate. I did love the old days though, tons of fun and great people. Oh well, life changes.

    Enjoy your new power! It won't go to your head.

  5. I am so glad you joined, I HAVE THE POWER TOO! I know your group will be a huge success and I hope everyone who has been so supportive and misses you will find their way there. It's just SO MUCH EASIER.

    I immediately removed myself from all newsletters that other place, and since my former mod excels at her job, she didn't send me "confidential" info nor did she leave my name as the CL of my former boards when I quit. I noticed your name on that other siggie place last time I looked. And those other people who got The Letter. Can't they make up their minds?

    I like your suggestions for the agenda on "team building." I hope they don't forget the part about "none of this really matters anyway, since we're fazing out the message boards anyway." (cue sound of a toilet flushing)

    But enough about them, congrats to you... and um, didn't you tell me you weren't gonna blog about this? hahahhaha



  6. I agree, it’s so nice not to have to debate, argue or feel like your begging a brick wall in order to get something done. A breath of fresh air for sure.

    Like LittleM said, I just don’t get what the other’s are waiting for. Why bother when some where else will welcome you with open arms! But to each their own. : ) ----- Les

  7. How exciting that you have your own new place! I'd love to join! I was fairly new to your board at the other place, but learned a lot from you all. O totally agree that the cl workshop is bs. Good luck with your new space!

    Torie aka stillpraying4baby

  8. Congrats on your new home! I'm sure the power won't go to your head.. you are one of the most level headed people I know! I would love to come visit even though I'm no longer making anymore. I agree with the others that there can be no salvaging the boards. Alot I visit are dying slow painful deaths. So many CLs and CMs leaving. It's just not the same anymore. I know your new place will be rockin! Sending tons of love and hugs!!! --- Dina (ncmommy79)

  9. I actually laughed out loud when i saw the post about the CL Workshop! Seriously?! I wonder who is going to show up and post--i hope the clueless mods end up spouting junk to an audience of chirping crickets.

    I'm so glad that you have the power--you will do great!!!

  10. I'd love to join you at that other place too. I wasn't a poster at the crappy place but for years I was learning from you. So sorry that you have been treated so poorly, and I hope that your new home is all that you want it to be and more. I hope my email address shows up for you so you can email me your group info. ;)


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