Wednesday, 7 September 2011

a few things I've been making

I mentioned in the post about Douglas's new phone box jammies, that I'd used one of the phone boxes in another project which I'd forgotten to photograph.

I can now show you a photograph of that project because Kat has posted it on her blog and I've stolen borrowed it from her. (I'm not hot-linking it, it's in my own Photobucket!) She calls it her cheeky quilt because she asked for her blog readers to make her a block for her quilt. I decided to go for it - first time I've ever done something like this - and I had fun doing it.

Here's the block I made:

If there was a story to tell about the fabrics we chose, Kat asked us to tell that story. Mine was something like -
I used the tartan because I'm Scottish, the phone box because I'm British, the coffee mugs because I enjoy coffee, the paisley pattern because Douglas went to school in Paisley, the musical bits because I sing, the buttons because I love to sew and the others just because I love them.

Another thing I made the other day is this wee coin purse. It's made from a piece of ribbon and a zip. It's a bit fiddly to make but it worked out quite well.

Here it is in various stages of the zip being closed.

And this is where your pennies would go:


  1. You know, there is a company that makes those zip bags. I sent many home to my family as they all love them! Never thought about how easy they might be to make on your own, but then I don't sew. : ) I like the fabric and zipper colour you used. ---- Les

  2. Nice job. That is cute and serviceable.



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