Wednesday, 17 August 2011

the wedding quilt - the very last bit

Today I got the quilt off in the post but, before I did that, I had one last thing to add to it - the label. I had read something online that you could print on to fabric on an "ordinary" home printer so I wanted to have a go and see how it looked.

I first of all typed out what I wanted the label to say and then printed that on to paper just to make sure the size was right, was there enough room for me to fold over to sew it on and so on.

Then I used double-sided sellotape to stick a piece of the cream fabric I'd used for the sashings and bindings on to a piece of ordinary paper - the stuff I would normally print on. I only taped it on at the top so that, if the fabric got itself in a tangle, it wouldn't - hopefully - get caught in the printer. It worked beautifully!

I then decided to iron the printing on the fabric to set the ink - I don't know if it needed to be set but I did it anyway and nothing dire happened. I then ran the printing under a tap to see if the dye would run. Nope - it stayed put.

I then left the fabric on the countertop wet and went to the dentist. When I came back the ink was exactly where it should be - no running or blotching or anything like that.

So, off upstairs to carefully hand-sew it on to the back of the quilt.

Can't see it very well? Here it is closer. I chose the font because it's so close to my handwriting, it almost looks like I wrote the label. I LOVE it!


  1. Oh Anne! I LOVE your wedding quilt -- it's just gorgeous. And a very clever label too -- Well Done!!!

  2. That's too cool. Love it.

    J xx

  3. It looks beautiful mummy! :o) Very well done xx

  4. Love it! What a cool idea to print a label like that.


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