Tuesday, 30 August 2011

knitting, baking, sewing

Over the weekend, I reminded Joanna how to knit. I say "reminded" because I know I taught her as child so I'm not teaching her so much as reminding her. She got on really well. Here's the scarf she started - she's got a wee bit to go before it'll go around her neck, methinks! :oD

Then I did some baking - chocolate chip cookies. Very yummy!

And yesterday I made (yet another) blouse. When I find a pattern I like which fits me, I'll make it in every available fabric! LOL

Tonight, Singers restarts after the summer holidays. I wonder if we'll be starting any Christmas carols tonight? Christmas carols in August? Whatever next??

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  1. I only know how to spool-knit. ;) But I'm thinking of learning one of these years. And a mum's group in my hometown is supposed to have a Learning to Crochet class this fall, so I'm going to sign up. Hope it's more than one session in case I'm not that great at it to start. ;)

    Those cookies look great! And I like the blouse. :)


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