Saturday, 6 August 2011

blocks 23 - 40 - ??

I worked hard today to get all the blocks done for the top of the wedding quilt. I thought I'd done the 42 I need but, as I counted them in my iPhoto, there are only 40 blocks. I'm really hoping that just means I didn't take photos of 2 of them but, if not, it's no big deal to make another 2. Fingers crossed I don't have to!!

Here are blocks 23 to 40.

Next stage is doing some quilting. I'm now planning to do them as quilt-as-you-go blocks which, if it works out well, will be much easier for me to deal with at the machine than a 60" x 70" patchwork top.

Off to count the blocks to see if I have 42 or if I need to make 2 more.

**editing to add** I counted the blocks and there are 42. Phew! Now I need to work out which 2 I didn't photograph and do that tomorrow in the daylight.

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  1. Looks fab! Dad's probably stolen the other 2 to see what happens! :D


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