Thursday, 25 August 2011

a bit of a tasty disaster :oD

I decided to bake a cake today that I'd seen on the telly the other night. It's a lemon yoghurt cake.

I did butter the inside of my bundt tin as advised in the recipe but the top of the cake got stuck inside so maybe I didn't butter it enough? Who knows?

This is how it turned out.

It doesn't look any better from this angle ...

... or close up.

The one saving grace? It tastes FABULOUS!! :oD

After I made the flop of a cake, I decided to make myself a new oven glove. Thankfully it turned out much better than the cake - although I don't think it would taste as good! LOL


  1. The cake does taste AMAZING! You should take a picture of a slice of the cake - that will look good!

    B x

  2. It does look yummy!! Who cares how it looks on the outside, you can't see it once it's in your tummy!! :D

  3. I'm sorry but when I saw your cake...even though it looks yummy I couldn't help but chuckle. ;-)


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