Thursday, 28 July 2011

my next project

One of our nieces gets married in 4 weeks' time and I decided this week that I would make this couple a quilt for their wedding present. Talk about late in the day!

Since I don't have much time, I knew it would have to be an easy pattern so I searched through a few of my books and found the ideal pattern in this one.

It's shown as a throw for a chair - in reds:

And as a bedspread - in blues:

Here are the fabrics I thought I'd use - by the time I paired them up, some of these got put back and others joined the pile.

The instructions tell you to cut out 8 squares each in light and dark fabrics and sew them all together to make the block. That's 16 squares per block meaning, for my 42 blocks, I'd need to cut out 772 squares. Yikes! I don't have time for that!

I thought about it and realised that if I cut out 2 strips (3" x 12") each in light and dark fabrics then sewed them together in a light/dark/light/dark combination I could then cut that into 3" strips, flip them and sew them back together and then I'd have my square made. Should be a lot quicker than cutting out and sewing up 772 squares! Hopefully.

Here are blocks numbers 1 and 2.

Only 40 more to go.


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  2. But it is a very ladylike post and probably helped me enormously with my project!!! ;)

    Looks grand - look forward to seeing it all sewn up.

    J xx


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