Tuesday, 1 March 2011

some happy things

Joanna made some scones on Saturday evening so she brought some along to us for snack on Sunday. She brought skooshy cream and I provided the strawberry jam. Oh my, they were delicious!

Douglas made me a shelf for my salt & pepper sets. I call it my happy shelf because you can't help but smile when you look at it. I've told him I'd like another shelf above it as there's no room for any more sets and there's no way I'm not buying/getting more! :oD

And today I dug out this basket, put a cover inside it -

- and filled it with my wool. I love it!


  1. Lots of yummies Anne! I love your cute sald and pepper shakers -- I hope you get a new shelf!

  2. Oooh very nice!

    I love the salt and pepper sets, I spot a few of mine in there! :o)

    Nice wool basket... my wool is now in the blanket box Jay made... very nice!



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