Wednesday, 19 January 2011

oh my goodness - I am a genius! :oD

Yesterday when I was at the shops, I saw a bag that was in the shape of a triangular pyramid. If the bag had just been a bag, I might have bought it just to see how it was made but there was something inside the bag - no idea what because I didn't look, I was only interested in the bag! LOL - and I didn't want to spend £10 for something I didn't want.

I stood and looked at the bag for a wee while and came away thinking "I could make that myself". So I did.

I probably should have waited until daylight to photo the bag but I couldn't wait to show it off! :oD

I didn't notice the thread inside the bag until I saw it in the photo! LOL

I am sooooooo chuffed with this bag I just know I'm going to be making many, many more of them. :o)


  1. Woo hoo - it's so pretty! :D You are a genius! :D

  2. Very Cute -- I love those little triangle bags! I laughed when I read about the thread -- I do that all the time -- except it's usually cat hairs that show up with the camera!

  3. Hi Anne thanks for visiting and leaving a comment. I am very impressed with your bag - it might have to go on the (very long) to-do list! Regards Anne


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