Monday, 31 January 2011

from the sewing room window - 31 Jan - and a catch up post

First of all the "from the sewing room window" photo for today.

And a few things I've been doing in the last few days:

Baking custard creams - yummmmmmmmy!

After filling with butter icing - even yummmmmmmier!

Rosie investigating "her" cupboard -

She manages to get herself a chewstick - that's the tan-coloured stick pointing downwards from her mouth. :oD

And we gave her a bath yesterday - poor wee thing.

Telling her Dad that Mum had been bad to her!

She smells a lot better now so it was worth it! :oD

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  1. Those custard creams look wonderful -- I never thought about filling them -- Yummy! I wish I could send my sister's dog to you for a bath -- she's smelly LOL!


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