Saturday, 22 January 2011

cruets and measures

This morning I took a few photos of my newest cruet sets. They always make me smile.

I got these cows from Santa - aka Joanna.

The hearts on their sides make them even more adorable.

I got this set last weekend in a sale. Douglas isn't offended by the wording on "his" one - probably because it's (slightly) true.

Joanna saw these the other day and got them for me because she knew I'd like them. She was wrong - I LOVE them!

And this is a set of Matryoshka dollies that I got last year.

They're not salts and peppers but measuring cups. I'll never use them for that purpose, though. They're too gorgeous to use!


  1. Oh my goodness! I LOVE the cupcakes, I think you should buy a set for me! But I do love the cows and the hens too! How many sets do you have now? xx

  2. ALL of them are too cute! Wish I'd year we got mom TONS of salt & pepper shakers for Christmas. Put them all in different sized boxes and what not, but there were probably 20 sets?

  3. Oh how cute -- they're all adorable. I will admit though -- I LOVE those cupcakes too!


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